Our 2023 Honoree:  Glenda Ross

Glenda has been square dancing for six years and has enjoyed every minute! The middle of three generations of active dancers (mother – Donna Lind and daughter – Destiny Ross), Glenda is an enthusiastic dancer who loves to swing and twirl.

The year following her initial lessons, Glenda went through lessons a second time learning the man’s position. Being able to switch between either the man or woman’s position at a moment’s notice, makes Glenda an asset on the dance floor.

Glenda also loves to round dance partici- pating in waltz, two-step, rumba, foxtrot, and cha. Having a teacher’s heart, Glenda often helps as an angel assisting new dancers learn both square and round dance.

Glenda’s goal is to continue to improve her round dancing skills as well as learning A1 and A2 square dance calls while continuing to grow the square dance community, so our dances are filled with people who share in her love of dancing!

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